Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It is customary to say that ideals of manners and human values, civility and respectability changes moderately with the passing age. Doubtless, we belong to whichever stage of our lives, our perception to the world outside gets influenced a great deal by our social ties and companionship.

The portion of life which we spent in college brings so many facets of experiences that may violently change the meaning of life of an inexperienced youth if not sensibly supervised. He thinks that whatsoever he is doing and thinking, all men have thought so while they were young. He thinks himself mature enough up-to now to determine the pathways of his own life.

This may be true to some extent but very often there lies a trap, an irrevocable trap that may result in ultimate doom of higher prospects and genuine growth of character as well. In our times when society is passing through transition with the culture of the other parts of the world it is very difficult for us to be clear in mind that as a separate entity in art and culture, spirit and ideology from rest of the world what is to be accepted and what rejected.

At such crucial juncture of our life which is going to determine the mode of future, any wrong inclination to false goals can diminish our aspirations against some nobler career. To avoid and retaliate such follies of transitional and crabbed age, one needs to have open his eyes with sense of observation and precision; and such discrimination comes in life by seeing the life of eminent predecessors and by following the advice of experienced elder ones`.
Therefore, to ensure that there will be nothing left today to repent in future, we need to be diligent and alert all the time to the goals of life we set. And if we are indeed willing to perfect and complete our own nature and character, and grow larger and stronger, and more confine to some higher and nobler aim, we have to be best bestir of ourselves while we have the time, for this is the only way to realize long lasting happiness and peace in futile vagaries.